Thursday, 1 August 2013

InterPro 43.1 is released, fixing the previous data problems

Good news!

Last week we were able to finally release an update to release 43 to fix the problems we identified.

43.1 contains the same member databases as v43.0 (i.e. an upgrade to Pfam from v26.0 to v27.0 compared with the InterPro 42.0 release) but there are 2 main differences:
  1. The pre-calculated match information we supply via the InterPro website and the downloadable match_complete.xml file that is used by InterProScan is now correct
  2. Additional Pfam signatures have been integrated into InterPro entries since v43.0.  This is why in the release notes for 43.1, 13579/14831 Pfam signatures belong to an InterPro entry but in 43.0 only 13079/14831 signatures were included.  (Our curators have been busy!)
We  apologise again for this problem and the inconvenience it might have caused our users.  We have now put in place measures to ensure that this particular problem won't happen again.


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