Monday, 17 June 2013

InterPro is temporarily reverted to v42.0

An update on our progress.  We decided to revert the InterPro website back to the previous release's data (v42.0).  This means that the Pfam release that was incorporated into release v43.0 is no longer visible via the website, at least, until the fix is completed.  The full status of all our services is now as follows:

InterPro website

Currently displays v42.0 data - all protein match information visible on the site is now correct and can be used with confidence.  The version of Pfam that is visible is v26.0, however.

InterProScan5 (downloadable)

The InterProScan5 current version (RC6) was built against v42.0.  We hadn't built and distributed the version (RC7) that was for v43.0 of the data and so users are still safe using InterProScan5 RC6.

InterProScan4 (downloadable)

Standalone InterProScan4 (downloadable from our FTP site) had data released for v43.0 which included Pfam 27.0, however, it was only the match_complete.xml file that was affected by the data.  Users could either run their InterProScan4 installation with 43.0 data with the -nocrc option on the command-line or can download the data for release 42.0 from the FTP site ( and and revert back to that version.

InterProScan4 (EBI-hosted)

InterProScan4 is currently running using InterPro release 42.0 data and can therefore be used with confidence.  The version of Pfam included is v26.0.

Next steps

We will hopefully make a new public release next week which will contain Pfam 27.0 and correct protein match information to the website.  Updates to InterProScan v4 data and InterProScan 5 (RC7) will follow shortly afterwards.  These updates will be announced on the twitter feed and mailing lists as v43.1

Again, many thanks for your patience whilst we sort out these issues.

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