Friday, 14 June 2013

Update on fix to InterPro 43.0

We're still working on fixing release 43.0 and we are aiming to release a fixed version (v43.1) next week.  We're sorry it's taking so long to sort out but we are working hard to do so.  It's highly likely we'll temporarily revert the public data to release 42.0 if we've not fixed 43 by Monday.


We have had some questions about the use of InterProScan

Users of InterProScan v5 will be pleased to know that we noticed the problem with 43.0 before we had updated I5, therefore, all the data coming from InterProScan 5 should be correct and you can use it with confidence.

InterProScan4, however, is affected by this problem if you have not used "-nocrc" option on the commandline of the standalone version, or if you have used the EBI-hosted version without specifying "-nocrc".   Running InterProScan 4 with the lookup disabled (using "-nocrc") will not use the problemmatic dataset, and so the results should be OK.

Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused our users.

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